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The complete toolkit for EBT implementation

UBF builds the most powerful and flexible services to support Evidence Based Training. Whether you need face-to-face support from one of our EBT experts, or integration of one of our award winning software solutions, UBF’s experience and technology will help you create the best possible EBT training programme.

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Technology best practice

We believe passionately in ensuring that the airline industry should be able to take advantage of the best practices from the technology industry. Our software standards enable robust scalable flexible platforms to support the high demands of data driven Evidence Based Training.

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Always Evolving

As your airline evolves from mixed-implementation, through base-line to enhanced EBT, so do our solutions. And our experts are always at the cutting edge of knowledge.

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Scalable Pricing

Our pricing model ensures you only pay for exactly what you need and nothing else. Scale up when ready with immediate effect.

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