EBT & Data Protection

With the move to EBT comes a dependancy on data and also a responsibility to care properly for that data. Data protection rules differ in each country which can make it difficult for an airline that potentially has bases or training facilities in different parts of the world to ensure they are compliant with all applicable data protection rules.

Some countries require the servers to be physically located inside their borders, and others have strict rules about how long identifiable data can be stored for before it must be destroyed or de-identified.

Data must also be stored in a way that protects it from being lost and also secure from outside intruders. With so much of Evidence-based training being data driven, these factors are critical.

Our development team has signifcant experience with working on cross-border, cloud-based solutions where all these aspects of data protection are relevant and crucial.

We work to tech industry best-practices to encrypt all communications to and from our apps & servers and ensure our customers data is secure, backed up and safe.

To find out more about how you will need to manage the data for your particular airline, don’t hesitate to contact us.