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JULY 2018

NEWS: EASA release the EBT Notice of Proposed Amendment

EASA today (27th July 2018) released their Evidence Based Training Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA). Maybe you’re a bit busy to read it all right now, so we have provided a summary of the main take-away points.

The NPA is divided into two documents:

(A) Regulatory Impact Assessment that shows the economic gains of more than 1,000 EUR per pilot per year under baseline EBT, and;

(B) The Rule content with the following main points of interest:

(i) A new way to revalidate licences based on rolling training data obtained within the EBT system; the new revalidation is therefore based on competency trends instead of a snapshot list of mandatory manoeuvres. A new Appendix 10 is therefore proposed in the NPA which will replace the old Appendix 9.

(ii) Details of the instructor standardisation requirements include an instructor qualification course of at least 14 hours of classroom time.

(iii) An updated Appendix 2 of document 9995 fixes some of the previous mistakes and omissions (more information on this is contained in a one page summary of the doc 9995 ammendments).

(iv) the new EASA Appendix 2 provides the competency map for KNO (Knowledge).

(v) A clear procedure to complete malfunction clustering and the mandate to train the other abnormals/emergencies in alternative training solution(s).

(vi) Line checks replaced with a Line Evaluation of Competency, with 2 or 3 years validity.

We’ll be creating blog posts to go into detail of each of the main points above over the coming month, but if you want to discuss anything with us, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Congratulations to Captain Ignacio Gallego, EBT Manager Iberia & Captain Jaime Salva, EBT Manager Vueling for their valuable contributions to this NPA; we are proud to be Iberia and Vueling’s technology partner for their EBT implementations (See NPA (B) page 3 footnote for full contributor list).

The full NPA can be viewed here.

NEWS: Vueling Airlines selects Use Before Flight as their exclusive EBT software provider

We are delighted to report that Vueling Airlines have selected our software solutions to power their implementation of Evidence & Competency-based Training under EASA RMT.0599. They have begun training to EBT principles this month and plan to move to mixed-implementation EBT in January 2019. Our software will be relied upon for all of their data collection and analysis, including pilot performance, trainer inter-rater reliabilty (concordance assurance) and programme performance. They’ll also be able to leverage our significant experience and real-life data within EBT to help support them throughout the journey and ensure a smooth and robust move to their new training system.


JUNE 2018

EVENT: Our CEO presents at the Royal Aeronautical Society Spring Simulation Conference, London UK, 12-13 June 2018

Our CEO, Captain Andy Mitchell has been invited to present on the topic of Aviation Blended Learning Environments (ABLE) at the Royal Aeronautical Society’s Spring Simulation conference. Speakers include subject matter experts and thought leaders from all fields of aviation training.

If you’re attending please say hi to Andy; he’d be delighted to talk about EBT and/or ABLE with you!

APRIL 2018

EVENT: UBF presenting at the ICAO/IATA EBT Workshop, Moscow, Russia, 26-27 April 2018

Our CEO, Captain Andy Mitchell has been invited to present on the topic of Aviation Blended Learning Environments (ABLE) along with the concept main author, Dr. Anneke Nabben from the Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) on Friday 27 April 2018.

If you’re attending please say hi to Andy; he’d be delighted to talk about EBT and ABLE with you!

**EVENT: UBF presenting at the IATA Safety and Flight Ops Conference, Montreal, Canada, 17-19 April 2018 **

Our CEO, Captain Andy Mitchell has been invited to present on the topic of Aviation Blended Learning Environments (ABLE) on Tuesday 17 April 2018 in the session “Rethinking the way we train our pilots”.

Meet Andy and our Customer Operations Manager, Romain Ziegler throughout the 3-day conference and ask for a demonstration of our innovative airline training solutions such as 360-degree Virtual Reality and our interactive training apps. Ask about our EBT solutions too! Contact Romain directly if you would like to set up a meeting - [email protected]


MARCH 2018

NEWS: UBF partners with IATA for New Delhi EBT workshop

Our CEO, Captain Andy Mitchell together with IATA’s Delhi office hosted two 1-day EBT introductory workshops. Over 50 delegates from all Indian & Nepali airlines attended, together with the India DGCA and representatives from the pilot associations.

Andy says “It was a truly inspiring event to have representatives from the entire Indian aviation industry come together to talk about best practice EBT implementations. We very much look forward to supporting India in their future EBT journey”.



NEWS: Leading the field - Iberia attains full marks for it’s EBT IOSA audit

Iberia’s mixed implementation EBT in partnership with Use Before Flight received a 5-star rating by IOSA, the IATA Operational Safety Audit with no findings; the highest possible achievement. Iberia continue to lead the way in best practice EBT implementation!



NEWS: Congratulations to Iberia - first airline in Europe to reach EBT Mixed Implementation!

We are very proud to say that our launch partner, Iberia, has been given the green light to move to EBT Mixed Implementation in January 2018 and in doing so will be the first European airline to reach this milestone. Congratulations to the Iberia EBT training team, training captains and pilots for all the hard work and the real buy-in we have witnessed airline-wide - we are very proud to be supporting their EBT journey as it enters the next phase.


**EVENT: Meet our CEO at the 16th European Airline Training Symposium (EATS), Berlin, Germany, 31 October - 1 November 2017 **

Slots are filling up fast for pre-booked meetings with our CEO, Captain Andy Mitchell at EATS. If you’d like to talk about EBT or Alternative Training Solutions at EATS with him, just get in touch with us on [email protected] to book up a slot. And of course, feel free to grab him if you see him there and available! He’s looking forward to seeing you all at EATS!



EVENT: UBF will be powering the European Airline Training Symposium (EATS) presentation on Inter-rater Reliability

It has been announced that Andrew McKechnie, the Managing Director of McKechnie Aviation (one of our EBT partners) will be presenting on Inter-rater Reliability at EATS in Berlin. We have been working hard behind the scenes with them to create the enhanced visualisations which will power a number of sections in this presentation.

NEWS: UBF at the NLR for Alternative Training Means workshop

Our CEO, Captain Andy Mitchell, had the pleasure to attend a two-day workshop at the Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) in Amsterdam this month. The overall aim was to continue moving the Alternative Training Means concept paper forward and this meant we had to finalise the analysis process to map tasks across to suitable training devices (both current and future ones). We also came up with a much more fitting name for this initiative (as none of us liked the words Alternative, Training or Means!) - We agreed on continuing with a working title of Aviation Blended Learning Environments (ABLE) which much better suits what we are looking to achieve - a blend of different training solutions and environments to enhance the attention and retention of pilot’s competencies. By the end of November we hope to have the EASA concept paper finished!



NEWS: Use Before Flight attending EATS Berlin

Our CEO, Andy Mitchell and our executive team will be attending the European Aviation Training Symposium in Berlin on 31st October - 1st November 2017. We have a number of slots to meet with anyone that would like to discuss EBT implementation with us. Just get in touch with us at [email protected] to book up a time with Andy - he’d be delighted to talk about EBT and/or Alternative Training Means.


APRIL 2017

NEWS: Iberia becomes first airline in the world to create approved internal EBT instructor course

Our EBT launch customer, Iberia airlines have become the first airline in the world to have EBT instructor courses approved as part of their Operations Manual Part D.

Our EBT assessment app is an integral part of this course, enabling the attendees to learn about competency based grading and understand inter-rater reliability at the same time as gaining significant experience of using our powerful software tool. Iberia now plans to provide this course to 90 instructors over the coming 3 months to give them the skills they need to train and grade pilots under Evidence and Competency Based Training. Our CEO said “We are incredibly proud to be supporting Iberia in this world-first in aviation training


MARCH 2017

NEWS: IAG announce LEVEL: Their new long-haul low cost airline

IAG (parent company of British Airways, Iberia, Aer Lingus & Vueling) have announced their new long-haul low cost airline, LEVEL. The airline will operate two Airbus A330 aircraft based in Barcelona which will be manned by Iberia flight deck and cabin crew. Our CEO, Captain Andy Mitchell said: “We are proud that this new venture of the IAG group will be supported by pilots that are trained to Evidence and Competency based standards powered by Use Before Flight’s software solutions. All of us here wish IAG all the very best for this new venture.



NEWS: EASA release the Alternative Training Means Concept Paper under RMT.0599

EASA have released their Alternative concept paper for Alternative Training Means. This important paper discusses why there is a need to move towards using alternative training means, the proposed process that will be put in place for this migration and also draft software guidelines to help airlines make the right decisions when looking to adopt new technologies. UBF are pleased to say we are the only providers that are fully compliant with these EASA technology guidelines over the entire range of EBT software solutions.

You can download a copy of the concept paper and software guidelines here in the ‘Downloads’ section - ‘Documents for the focused consultation’.



EVENT: McKechnie Aviation announces EBT Workshops in February (UK)

EVENT DATE: 23rd Feb 2017

Following on from the EASA EBT implementation workshop in Cologne at the start of February 2017, McKechnie Aviation will be running a seminar later in the month at their UK headquarters near to London Gatwick Airport. This one-day seminar will introduce EBT, provide an overview of the latest regulatory developments and explain the next steps that operators need to take to implement EBT. More details and to book, please press here.



EVENT: EASA announce 1st Workshop on the Implementation of the Evidence-based Training

EVENT DATE: 1st Feb 2017

This event will be dedicated to the implementation of the mixed EBT pursuant the ED Decision 2015/027/R published in December 2015, as well as the milestones achieve in RMT.0599 Competency and Evidence based training.

The aim is to hold an interactive workshop attended by representatives from the commercial air transport fixed-wing and helicopter community, training organisations and National Aviation Authorities. The workshop will give the opportunity to exchange views with industry and NAA representatives across Europe.



NEWS: Iberia Airlines partners with Use Before Flight to implement EBT

Use Before Flight will help Iberia become the first European Airline to implement EASA Evidence-based Training under RMT.0599. They have chosen our EBT assessment and grading app to migrate to recurrent pilot training under EBT principles with the plan to then implement baseline EBT once enough data is captured.

Our EBT assessment software has been tailored to their exact needs to allow them to seamlessly move to this enhanced training programme. Our software was chosen as it is the only solution capable of supporting every step of the EBT process and compatible with a full suite of interactive pilot training apps under the Alternative Training Means concept paper. These factors give our solutions the best, market-leading training, econonmic and safety cases for EBT.

We are very excited to begin this EBT journey with them and thank the Iberia team for this opportunity.