Our EBT process with Iberia

Iberia approached us with a desire to capitalise on the huge range of benefits to pilot training quality, data feeds and efficiency that EBT brings.

We provided Iberia with our EBT assessment app coupled with a road map to ensure the software mirrors their journey through mixed-implementation, baseline and enhanced EBT.

Whether it was by email, phone or face-to-face our team of EBT experts were on hand to assist in every step of the journey.

It’s been a pleasure to work with Use Before Flight — they listened to & understood our needs and it’s clear they have incredible knowledge of EBT together with excellent software solutions Captain Ignacio Gallego Alemany EBT Manager

Rapid implementation

Iberia had a short timeline to implement in order to catch the start of their simulator season. Our agile software frameworks enabled us to tailor the software to their needs whilst ensuring it evolved with the latest regulatory updates from EASA.

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Responsive devices

Free choice of device

Due to outside influences, Iberia had a specific requirement for the choice of device to provide to their pilots. Knowing our software is guaranteed to work on all devices, both now and into the future, Iberia could make this commitment without worrying about the software compatibility.

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Tailored security

As with most major airlines, Iberia had strict procedures and requirements for integrating software into their systems. We worked closley with their IT department to understand their requirements and created a system that allowed them seamless and full control over access and security.

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