EBT app on several iPads

Time to look ahead

We remember the bad old days; piles of paper-based pilot assessments to sort through and “death by PowerPoint” pilot training sessions.

Our software leverages the best the tech industry has to offer to bring your pilot assessment and training bang up to date (and in exact compliance with EBT).

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EBT app on iPhone

EBT assessment app


Create and manage your simulator sessions rapidly and to exact EBT standards.


Grade and review pilots with behavioural indicators and competency-centric notes.

Pie graph

Analyse your pilots and instructors against airline demographics.


Train to EBT principles and forget about legacy/ATQP compliance — our app takes care of it for you.

EBT app on iPad

Interactive Training App


Empower your pilots with immersive and diversive training media available anywhere

Network graph

Take pressure off the simulator with approach & malfunction clustering.

Mortarboard hat

Create lesson plans for the pilot communities from a central learning resource system.

Sine-wave graph

Create new data streams for trend analysis.


Powerful data streams

Our tools work on their own or together to provide key additional streams of training data. Quickly visualise your pilots' competencies and trends and compare them to airline demographics and communities. Identify instructor inter-rater reliability and get complete feedback on your simulator season's performance.

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Responsive devices

Device agnostic

Our software works on all devices, now and always. We provide seamless online/offline functionality for those annoying places where the internet doesn’t reach. You can make airline hardware choices based on what’s best for you and not what’s best for the software!

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Secure by design

Security and data protection is at the heart of everything we do. We use tech industry best practice to ensure all data is backed up, secure and complies with each jurisdiction's data protection rules. We can integrate into airline corporative IT systems to allow you full control over access

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